WireCrafters military lockers are available in many configurations.
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TA-50 Military Wire Mesh Locker

Wire Mesh Military Lockers
TA50 Gear Lockers

Built to meet the same highest quality standards as all WireCrafters products, our military grade lockers offer heavy duty storage in high use areas. These wire mesh lockers can be custom made to suit most military and civillian applications.  Our Military Lockers are of course ideal for storing any TA50 gear from weapons storage to clothing to electronic equipment.

The Clear Choice in Military Lockers

American Warehouse Systems is the clear choice for military lockers with decades of design experience, profiency with the FAR and the exclusive GSA provider of the worlds leader in wire mesh lockers, WireCrafters. 

WireCrafters TA-50 Military Gear Lockers are built to last.  Our storage lockers are designed to endure the toughest conditions our clients can throw at them.  We have installed our military grade lockers in government and commercial facilities worldwide.  We are proud to support our military with the highest quality Military Gear Locker on the market today.  WireCrafters Military Grade Lockers are the number one choice of our armed forces and other government agencies when it comes to secure, controlled military lockers.

To learn more about our wire mesh military lockers please visit our TA-50 Military Gear Locker page.

TA-50 Military Gear Lockers