Roll Formed Cantilever Rack
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Cantilever & Specialty Racks

Cantilever Rack

The Eagle Lock cantilever rack is designed to store items of varying length and proportion.  The cantilever rack is fully accessible from the front without the vertical obstructions of traditional pallet rack.  Without the pallet rack front column as an obstruction, the entire length of the rack may be used for storage.  In addition, this versatile racking system allows storage of items of differing lengths on the same rack and even at the same level.

Cantilever Storage Racking

Cantilever storage racking is the optimal solution for storing long or heavy loads such as lumber, piping or sheets. Carpeting, furniture, building materials or items with odd-sized dimensions store exceptionally well and are removed without the damage that is often caused by excessive maneuvering around vertical or horizontal obstructions.

Specialty Rack Systems

American Warehouse Systems has designed specialty racking systems for a number of clients. Our specialty systems include high density racking systems for motorcycle and ATV storage, several specialty cantilever racking systems for boat and canoe storage, high capacity racking for 463-L pallets and containers, and the list goes on.

If you have a specialty racking application, please contact us with your needs and we can design a racking system for you.

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