High Density Storage Systems by American Warehouse Systems
High Density Storage Systems

Vertical Carousels

Material Handling Systems to Maximize Storage Space

American Warehouse Systems understands the need to store products smarter.  We utilize our engineering expertise to integrate several high density storage systems to reclaim valuable space.  Our material handling system design engineers are capable of understanding the application and the client’s needs and configuring a storage aid system that is suited to the project at hand.

Our high density storage systems include vertical carousels and lift modules, mobile aisle shelving, high bay engineered racking systems, government storage aid systems, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), Catwalk storage systems, and the list continues.  We are also capable of integrating these systems into other products to create more dense storage aids.  For example; mobile aisle shelving above and below a mezzanine deck or engineered racking systems integrated with a catwalk system and conveyor to create a pick module.

Whatever the application, American Warehouse Systems has the resources to design, integrate and implement the project on time and on budget.

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